Tips to getting Most Savings in this Holiday Season



Tips to getting Most Savings in this Holiday Season

It’s no surprise for people to splurge on their Christmas holiday shopping. After all, it’s the perfect excuse to get that much-wanted shoes, bags, or clothes for yourself. And since it’s the season of giving, picking out presents for family and friends has become customary.

Still, it remains essential to watch your spending this time of the year. Here are several useful tips to follow in order to get more savings this Christmas season.

  1. Make a Plan

Before making any kind of purchase, early planning is necessary. Create a shortlist of the people you want to give presents to, how much you’re willing to spend for each, and what kinds of items you want them to have. This way, you can limit yourself to the stuff on your list and not get sidetracked by the discounted ones you see.

  1. Utilize social media

Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other SNS to follow some retailer’s page. You’d be surprised to see all the deals they provide exclusively for the followers of their page. Scrolling through recent posts might give you a mine of several useful vouchers and codes to use upon purchase in their stores or partners.

  1. Avoid using Credit Cards

It’s so easy to be tempted to buying ‘discounted deals’ in shopping or department stores during this time of year. If you use your credit card to buy gift items, it’s way easier to not care about the money you spend. You don’t want to start your New Year with a mountain pile of debt, so leave your cards at home. Instead, pay for everything in cash and bring just enough for what you planned on your list (refer to number 1).

  1. Use Discount Codes

If you’re planning to shop online, always use a discount code. Finding them is easy enough with the help of the internet. It’s even better if you got to buy a lot as you get a huge discount as well. These discount voucher codes can also be used to have free shipping during checkout. Talk about a steal!

  1. Shop Early

Remember that it’s often more expensive to buy in-season, so make a note to shop for presents a couple of months earlier when you’re likely to save big. Spread out your buying several months before Christmas. This way, the spending will be evened out, and you’re less likely to feel the expense rather than buying in bulk.

Bonus tip:

Give Homemade Presents

There’s no better way to give something more thoughtful and personal than making them yourself. Most of the time, personally crafted or homemade items are more memorable and useful than store-bought things. The internet has everything you need and more. It’s easy to get ideas from websites and various online forums. If you can bake a mean cake or cook savory dishes, it’s really possible (and recommended) to put together a beautiful gift basket of goodies, which you are assured, everyone will enjoy!